Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Photo of book page by Rev. Doctor Peepers

Do you ever make yourself a cup of Tear-Water Tea?  I do.  The story is from Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel.   Owl feels blue, so he sits down and thinks of everything that makes him sad.  He begins to cry.  He collects his tears in a kettle.

These are some of the things that make me sad:

  • Mistakes made that cannot be reconciled.
  • Fudge that dries to a brick before it’s enjoyed.
  • Atrocities to innocent peoples.
  • Piles of leaves bagged before children roll in and tossed them into the air.
  • Empty bird feeders.
  • Girls banned from schools just because they are girls.
  • Dog-eared and defaced library books.
  • Coloring books that are left colorless.
  • Children who go unvaccinated from deadly diseases.
  • Eating in front of the TV.
  • The demise of cursive, and old letters that can no longer be read.
  • Skinned knees that go unkissed.
  • Closets that need cleaning.
  • Coatless Midwestern winters.
  • Two for one birthday dining coupons, sent to lone diners.
  • Joy that goes unsung.
  • Stories that go unheard.

After collecting his tears, Owl makes himself a pot of Tear-Water Tea.

“It tastes a little bit salty…but tear-water tea is always good.”







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