Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-26

To me, last Monday seems like a month ago.  I got a bit of “flash fiction” finished for Friday, and forgot to post it because as soon as I hit the door… well, I really don’t have any excuse except that I got busy doing something else and I forgot.  

I got something done that I really wanted to do, and I knew would make me feel a lot better, but avoided because I hate cleaning. I do love clean, though, which, I suppose, seems like a paradox.  Come to think of it, who doesn’t like clean more than cleaning? Look below.  I now have a neat and tidy work space.  In my world, that is something to hoot and holler about.

Here are a few more things worth a hoot or two, in no particular order.

  • People missed me at work, while I was on vacation.  More than a few people, welcomed me back.  Geesh, that was a super ego booster.  I work quietly in a back corner of a large work-space.  Really, some days go by and no one talks to me.  I was missed.  How validating!
  • My yard is green and purple and pink, and yellow.  Birds tweet and caw in the trees.  Yes, the mosquitoes are buzzing, too.  I’m carrying citronella candles with me as I pull weeds.  The beauty that surrounds me make me thankful. that we’ve had so much rain.
  • Women friends who gathered with me to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.  The house was abuzz with chatter and laughter.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had so many women friends in the house.  What a blessing.
  • A spanking clean house.  Company is a great motivator.
  • A clean bill of health after my thorough annual check up.  Another 2 hour Medicare appointment.  Oh my!  Did I say, thorough?  
  • An evening with writers at the CWA and IWPA summer meetup.  So many great writers.  So many people to share and help. My oh my, I even have a roommate for the September conference.
  • Sunday breakfast with Love-One and CoCo at our favorite place, Benedict’s LaStrada.  I had the breakfast Quisadilla, Loved-One had a shrimp strada, and CoCo had her favorite Munich breakfast.
  • iPhone photography school via Facebook posts.  I’m leaning so much about composition and focus.

What makes you smile this week?  As always, you remind me of more reasons to count my blessings, so please shar.