The perks of a freelance writer

I get a lot of perks as a freelance photo-journalist.  [tweetthis]Last week I got to meet the author of the best seller, The Good Girl, Mary Kubica. [/tweetthis]She started writing between nap time and laundry, as a new mother.  It took her 5 years to finish her first novel. Okay, yes, it took me longer than that to finish A Ship of Pearl.  The good news is that Mary churned out four more books in less than four years following her first novel.

Please visit The McHenry Chronicle to get the skinny of Mary’s visit to the local library.

Another Mary, Mary Robinson arranged the author meet-up with Mary Kubica.  Mary Robinson is the Adult Services director at the library.  Did you know that National Library Week is April 9-15.  Libraries do way more than check out old books.  In April, I’m going back for the “Dinner and a Movie” series.  I’ll be viewing A Man Called Ove,  and eating dinner with book friends.  I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the movie won’t beat the book.  Still, it’ll be fun, I’m sure of that.