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Flying lessons officially begin in kindergarten.

In times past, all beginner superheroes came to kindergarten with the fundamental gifts of balance, combined by ordinary skills of hopping, skipping and jumping.  In those days, a five-year-old superhero hardly stood out from an ordinary child, with the ordinary talents of ordinary parents.

Nowadays, though, even the children of the Ordinaries come to kindergarten with near superhero skills.  Well, at least super talents that blow away the skills of their parents at the same age.

Superhero parents now face the near insurmountable stress of creating a super-superhero.  Training begins in utero with super-nutrients bypassing the normal umbilical cord delivery system. Super-physicians inject nutrients directly into the amniotic fluid so the developing baby literally swims in a sea of chemicals designed to enhance muscle, bone, and neuronal development.

Newborn superheroes begin a weight lifting regimen before the attending physician cuts the umbilical cord. Before they walk, young superheroes begin drills at recognizing threats and getting situations in hand. Before they read books, preschool superheroes can save the day, albeit in small ways.

So you see, with this pressure, kindergartener Sebastian is at a definite disadvantage.  He comes to class with no more training than an Ordinary, except he knows how to don his superhero suit without assistance, and without tangling his cape.  Incredibly, this was a skill most parents nowadays neglect, in favor of righting wrongs and flying over land and sea.

Sebastian, armed with good looks, charm, and a positive attitude, soon finds that flying involves a great many bruises, scrapes, and, well, flying involved a lot of non-flying, as in falling.  Despite that, he remains optimistic.  After all, he has Mighty Mouse as his personal trainer. He assures Sabastion, “Mr. Trouble never hangs around” with Mighty Mouse around.

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