Working Nine to Five (Gotta make a Living)

I promised some pictures of my new job wardrobe.  The photos of the clothes are less clear than the carpet they are resting on.  Perhaps I prefer to take a nap.  Here’s a few that aren’t too terrible.

A pencil skirt that I actually like. (I got it at Costco!!) Shirt is Coldwater Creek and sweater from Dress Barn.)  Can I wear these outfits with these little boots?


Another Costco find: Red Jeans, with butt-bling. (The rest are older things) I really want to wear these jeans with my “Come Get Me Shoes,” but can my feet hold up all day?

I love this pumpkin sweater from J.Jill, and at 30% off who can complain. The shirt is from Coldwater Creek, and the pants another Costco find.

An older sweater and jacket, comfy and familiar. This shirt from J.Jill pairs with so many things. The pants are navy, which I sorely needed, a heavy knit with a waist 1″ above the natural waistline. I think I can get used to skinny pants, as long as I have on a jacket or sweater, but that waistline, I don’t know. (Weeird feeling.)

Fountain pens: I love the feel. My new keyboard for the coffee shop writer that will soon be me.
Lip stain from LipSense. I love this because it stays on all day. It really does. Honest.

Not pictured are my new foundations:  Bra-la-luia, Spanx, and Assets.  A girl’s gotta have the right foundations.  My fashionista sister advised me to get some thongs.  I did.  I’m not so sure, though.  This advice may go the way of her advice about make-up:  Re-Apply.  Good advice, I’m sure, but I just can’t get my mind to comply.

I’m ready.

I’m excited.

Good-bye flowers in the back yard.  I’ll see you on the weekend.

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